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Beyond Katrina

Facilitating the Arts

in Disaster Relief Shelters
This book of powerful poetry and art reflects the emotions of those who were affected by the devastating hurricanes that hit the Louisiana coast in the summer of 2005.
In the summer of 2005, Arts & Healthcare, Inc. partnered with the local Red Cross and trained over 70 artists to be first responders. For almost three months, these artists, musicians, actors, dancers, poets and magicians were a constant and daily presence in three Central Louisiana hurricane shelters where over 15,000 evacuees were housed.  Using the arts as a healing force, we were able to help people put away their anger, fear and grief and come to a place of hope.  This book outlines in detail how we did it and gives dozens of creative ideas for using the arts to heal.
 We have a limited quantity of this book - Leave No One Behind: Hurricane Katrina and the Rescue of Tulane Hospital by Bill Carey. This hardcover, 164 page book tells the story of the successful evacuation of Tulane Hospital after Hurricane Katrina in NOLA. The book features a full color photo section and has been regarded as a textbook example of disaster response. For a donation of $12 or more, we will send you a copy of the book. You can send a check to: Arts & Healthcare, PO Box 12802, Alexandria, LA 71315 or make a donation by using the Donate Now button on the Home page of this website